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Augmented reality speeds up order processing

A new augmented reality system has been tested that speeds up the processing of orders.

Online customers expect speedy deliveries. Fulfilment centres that process e-commerce orders are under pressure to pick, pack and dispatch goods as quickly as possible. Large companies are investing in robots and automated systems to speed the picking process and companies with fewer resources need less expensive solutions.

In the USA, Peter Millar, a luxury apparel retailer, forecasts a four to five-time increase in online sales during January 2020, but the current warehouse system will be unable to cope. The company has been testing an augmented reality system where pickers wear glasses that recognise bar codes and create a visual route view and audio instructions that guide pickers to items. The pickers operate the augmented reality system hands-free, which enables them to focus on the tasks of pushing their heavy duty trolleys and taking items to packing stations.

The company is also looking at other ways to use augmented reality to improve workflow. Chris Weist of Peter Millar says:

“I could use this in picking, I could use this in receiving, I could use this on my dock, I could use it in a lot of different ways.”

Augmented reality systems cost less than fully automated equipment. Warehouses do not need to purchase new warehouse equipment as augmented reality works with existing picking trolleys and warehouse racks. The role of these systems is to work with existing equipment to speed up the process of picking and dispatching orders.

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