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Choosing the best box trolleys for your business

Box trolleys are very useful in warehouses, storage areas or around the office. At Steely Products, we make several models of box trolleys, but which is the best type? The answer to this question depends on what you want to use it for.

Businesses need a variety of equipment to move items. For example, clothing retailers like Crew Clothing and Joules sell many types of garments. Dresses, suits and tops are stored and moved on garment rails, but these retailers also sell lots of small items like socks, jewellery, scarfs and more. Box trolleys are ideal to organise and move these smaller goods.

3 tote box trolley

The 3 tote box trolley has, as its name suggests, three totes – two on a bottom layer and one on the top. This trolley provides maximum visibility for the operator. It is highly manoeuvrable, making it suitable for use in narrow aisles and more confined areas.

Compact tote box trolley

This trolley has three tote boxes stacked vertically. It is ideal for transporting paperwork around the office, or for picking small orders from storage areas. It has a top tray, which can store a clipboard, pens or notepad.

12 box tote trolley

The 12 box tote trolley is ideal for picking many orders. It can hold up to 12 tote boxes and has a convenient stand to hold a clipboard for hands-free operation.

Narrow aisle picking trolley

Where space is limited, the narrow aisle picking trolley is a real boon. This trolley can hold tote boxes or be fitted with wooden shelves.

Customised box trolleys

For many workplaces, these standard box trolleys are just fine. Pick the one to fit the job or space restrictions. All trolleys are made from lightweight but strong tubular steel and have premium quality swivel casters to make then highly manoeuvrable. Workers don’t need to be powerhouses to easily push the box trolleys.

If a standard box trolley is not fit for your needs, a customised box trolley is required. Sometimes, it’s just a question of modifying existing designs. Trolleys can be made in custom sizes, and shelves can be added or removed. A box trolley can have a frame to hold removable tote boxes or wood shelving. Tote boxes are normally removable, but small fixed boxes can be added for picking lots of small parts.

A new design may be the best option. At Steely, a designer/engineer visits the workplace to observe the way staff use the current trolleys. In consultation with business owners, managers and employees, a design unique to the business is created.

Box trolleys are manufactured in small batches by highly skilled metalworkers, and modifying design does not require expensive retooling. This makes custom design costs reasonable. By choosing a British manufacturer, you save on expensive freight charges and long delivery times.

Workplaces require equipment that is both practical and made to last. The right equipment to fit the job helps make the storage and moving of small items organised and efficient. Contact us today for advise on the best box trolley for you.

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