Could temporary storage be the answer to the UK’s warehouse shortage?

The UK is running out of warehouse storage space. Temporary warehouses can provide extra storage capacity.

The national warehouse vacancy rate is 6.8% compared to 23% a decade ago. Around the inner M25, the rate is as low as 2.2%. There are two main reasons for this – the rapid rise in online sales, and the stockpiling of goods because of uncertainties about Brexit.

New warehouses are being built, but this may not be enough to meet the demand, and it will be some time before many planned warehouse construction projects are completed.

A short-term answer could be temporary warehouses that are not expensive to construct but are not designed to last through many harsh British winters. The cheapest temporary structures are made from canvas or PVC, but more sturdy buildings use steel or wood. They can be heated or cooled and come in custom sizes to fit the available land area. They do not require groundwork and are quick to construct.

Some temporary warehouse suppliers will supply these on a rental basis. On top of the cost of constructing the warehouse is the purchase of all the items from a warehouse equipment supplier, including shelving, warehouse trolleys and packing tables.

Temporary warehouses could be the solution until more permanent warehouses storage can be found. If they are used for stockpiling goods from the EU, they may no longer be needed post-Brexit depending on what trading deal is established with the EU.

Posted by Derek
9th September 2019
Retail & Warehousing

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