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How design and manufacture make a world of difference

In warehouses, storage areas and retail operations, it’s important to purchase the best quality manual handling and storage equipment.

Why shouldn’t I just do it on the cheap?

There are many places where you can buy cheap manual handling and storage equipment. Often made outside of the UK, these are fine for domestic use where they are used occasionally. In busy workplaces where heavy loads are moved and stored every day, however, trolleys or warehouse shelving designed for home use will likely let you down.

Cheap trolleys are made from thin steel and can break when repeated heavy loads are moved. There are two issues with this; firstly, if there are no backup trolleys, production is lost. Secondly, and most importantly, there is an accident risk to workers if a trolley carrying goods collapses. This means lost working days and possible fines for not protecting the safety of workers.

All this adds up to the fact that buying cheap equipment, in the long run, makes little financial sense.

Why quality matters

Quality material handling and storing equipment is made from strong tubular steel which has been coated to prevent corrosion. It is welded by skilled metalworkers so that the joints remain strong and durability is a key factor.

Quality equipment will last a long time before it needs replacing, and after all, businesses need equipment they can rely on to keep working.

As well as the quality of the steel, equipment used to move goods needs strong and efficient casters that make it easier to pull or push. Trolleys, picking tables and other equipment needs to be designed so that one person can easily move a heavy load.

Why design matters

Alongside the quality of construction, the next thing a business needs from its equipment is good design. Trolleys, tables and storage equipment may appear to be simple technology, but there are many design elements that can add to the efficiency of the equipment.

For example, flat trolleys with built-in steps make it easier for operators to reach items stored at heights. Clipboards attached to equipment mean that workers can operate hands-free. In dimly lit areas, tables with built-in lighting systems make life easier for workers.

Why bespoke matters

Many workplaces can use standard equipment for all their manual handling and storage needs, but there are occasions when bespoke solutions are better. In some business areas, nonstandard products need moving and storing. Products may have odd shapes or be fragile and need protection when moving. In the garment trade, clothes can easily be damaged if they brush against dirty walls. Meanwhile, furniture trade workers need to consider that heavy sofas come in many shapes and sizes.

If off-the-shelf equipment is not ideal, a bespoke design is needed. At Steely Products, we can can send a designer to a workplace who, after observing their operations, can come up with a bespoke equipment design.

All in all, well-made and well-designed moving and storing equipment is vital for organising an efficient warehouse or storage areas.

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