HSE expresses concern at number of manual handling injuries

According to the latest figures from the Health and Safety Executive, manual handling accounts for a third of work-related musculoskeletal injuries. They have issued detailed guidance on how manual handling risks can be avoided.

It is essential to write a risk assessment which involves identifying hazards and creating safety measured to minimise risks.

Using the best manual handling equipment is essential. Heavy duty trolleys should be made from tubular steel, which provides strength and durability without making trolleys excessively heavy. Trolleys with excellent quality swivel castors and handles at the correct height will require little effort to move and steer when fully loaded.

You can purchase trolleys with steps attached that can be used by workers to access high stored items. This prevents the risk form strain by workers stretching up to reach high items.

Organize the storage area so that carrying distances are as short as possible. Store heavier items so that they need to move lesser distances.

Staff should be trained in using manual handling equipment and how to safely lift items onto the equipment. They need to know about keeping their back straight, keeping the load close to the waist and avoiding twisting.

Powered handling equipment such as forklift trucks and vehicles with tail lifts can be helpful, but they add additional safety risks, and are more costly than manual handling equipment.

With regular risk assessments, good manual handling equipment and thorough training, workers can remain injury free.

Posted by Mark
2nd August 2018
Health & Safety

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