MP calls on warehouse workers to be protected

MP for Barnsley Central, South Yorkshire has called on warehouse operators to protect their workers during the coronavirus crisis. South Yorkshire has many warehouses that distribute essential goods around the country.

Barnsley Labour MP Dan Jarvis has asked for strict social distancing regulations to be enforced for warehouse workers. This follows concerns expressed by unions about work conditions at Amazon and ASOS warehouses. He said:

“The government must provide clear and unequivocal guidance about the required social distancing practices. They must ensure they are implemented and take tough action where rules are broken.”

There are a few South Yorkshire warehouses that Dan Javis is concerned about that have been criticised for their working practices. These include ASOS and Pretty Little Thing. ASOS has said that it “totally refutes” allegations that it risks employee safety. Pretty Little Thing said it has strict social distancing procedures and stringent hygiene measures.

Dan Jarvis says that warehouse workers are essential as they keep the supermarkets supplied with food and businesses with essential items. He believes their efforts are often not recognised and it is a time to appreciate their work, which helps countless people.

Warehouse equipment suppliers are keeping warehouses supplied with extra trolleys, shelves and other equipment that are required by warehouses that are expanding to deal with extra orders.

Most warehouse trolleys are around 1000 mm long. This makes it easy to calculate safe social distancing which is equal to around two trolley lengths.

Posted by Derek
14th April 2020
Retail & Warehousing

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