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Picking trolleys with steps – ideal for high items

Picking trolleys quickly move products from warehouse shelves to packing stations. To maximise storage space, shelves need to be built as high as possible to utilise all the vertical space of the building. The obvious way to reach items from high shelves are steps, but this is not the most efficient procedure for workers to reach high items.

The problem with portable steps

Depending on the height of goods, a step ladder or a standing platform can be used to reach high-stored items. While steps do facilitate reaching high items, the obvious drawback is that they have to be moved to each location where they are needed. If an operator is using a picking trolley to move goods to the packing station, this is not very efficient. The packing trolley has to be parked while the steps are carried to the location.

There are safety issue with steps too. If a worker is under pressure to pick items quickly, in haste they may not place the steps correctly, or if the steps need unfolding this may not be done properly. If they fall when the operator is on them, it can lead to injury.

Picking trolleys with steps – the ideal solution

Picking trolleys with steps can solve both issues as they avoid carrying steps and are safe to use. The steps attached to picking trolleys have two positions – raised when moving, and supported by the ground when in use. Well-designed picking trolleys with steps are easily moved. When the trolley arrives at an item’s location, if it is stored at a height that cannot be reached without aid, the steps are quickly lowered where they are secured ready for the operator to climb them and pick the goods.

Safety issues for picking trolleys with steps

Although picking trolleys with steps are safe to use, like any manual handling equipment, operators need to be trained in their safe use. They needed to know the correct procedure for lifting items while standing on the steps and how to safely bring them to ground level to be placed on the trolley.

Steps with up to four steps are safe to use. They should have handles at either side so that pickers can hold onto them to safely carry items up or down the steps.

Picking trolleys with steps for shorter people

In warehouses where items are stored within easy reach of the height of the average person, trolleys with steps may not be required, but shorter people may struggle to reach higher items. A company should not exclude shorter people from working as picking operators because they cannot reach higher stored goods. Companies that have inclusive employment policies should purchase picking trolleys with steps for use by small stature workers.

Buy the best

In busy warehouses, picking trolleys with steps should be sourced from suppliers who only sell quality trolleys made from strong tubular steel, which are designed to work well and last a long time. For professional advice on the right trolley for you, simply fill in the form below and we’ll be in touch.

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