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Steel industry supports EU president’s clean tech initiative

The European steel industry has pledged to support EU President Ursula von der Leyen’s clean technology plans.

In the United Kingdom, manufacturers of warehouse equipment depend on a reliable supply of tubular steel for heavy duty garment rails, trolleys, steerage racks and other essential equipment needed for efficient modern warehouses. However, steel production is responsible for high levels of carbon emissions that are linked to climate change. To address this issue, European steelmakers are developing innovative ways to manufacture low-carbon steel.

Various warehouse owners have begun purchasing more green steel in response to these initiatives. For instance, Ikea has announced that half of its warehouse racking systems will be made from green steel purchased from Swedish company H2 Green Steel, which is constructing a new green plant anticipated to become operational by 2026.

In an official statement endorsing von der Leyen’s efforts, the European Steel Association revealed they have launched over sixty large-scale decarbonisation projects and support the growth of the EU’s clean tech ecosystem. The Commission President has outlined eco initiatives in wind power, solar power, electric vehicles and other technological areas including steel. According to the association:

“The European steel sector is not only an industry; it is also an ecosystem fostering most of EU manufacturing while supporting all clean technologies required to achieve climate neutrality from wind and solar energy generation through electric vehicles.”

European Steel operates a circular decarbonisation system that presently achieves an impressive 88% steel recycling rate, compared with 50% in 2021.

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