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Storage trolleys manufacturers help you design your warehouse

If you are designing a new warehouse or reorganising an existing one, your storage trolleys supplier can help.

Racking or no racking?

The aisle between rows of racks needs to be wide enough to comfortably move storage trolleys. The design of the racking layout starts with knowing the width of the trolleys. If there are no existing storage trolleys, storage trolley suppliers will provide data on the width of their trolleys.

Warehouses can be designed without racks by only using storage trolleys that can be moved around when needed. The disadvantage of this is that there is a limit to the height of trolleys. Racks can be built to reach the ceiling. If space is not an issue, then either a complete storage trolley system or a partial system can be used. Storage trolleys manufacturers often make both trolleys and racking systems and will help design a warehouse where some goods are stored on racks, and others on trolleys.

There needs to be ample room either side of the storage trolleys for them to be easily pulled or pushed without danger of collision.


There are routes to plan for, such as the journey from point of delivery to storage areas, and the route from picking items to the dispatch station. If goods are loaded directly onto storage trolleys and then moved to the appropriate storage area, can this be done without hindering the operators that are picking goods?

Many warehouses like to classify delivered goods into categories from items that are in high demand to those in low demand. It makes sense to store high-demand areas near packing stations where they have the shortest route. Goods can be sorted for classification at the delivery area, with high-demand goods loaded on one trolley and lesser-demand items on other trolleys ready to be moved to the right storage location.

Do you need specialised trolleys?

Standard storage trolleys are suitable for many warehouses, but some business sectors have specialist needs. For example, sofas have an awkward shape so companies like Sofology and DFS require specialist storage trolleys for their goods. Clothing retailers like Joules and Crew rely on garment rails for hung clothes and storage trolleys for smaller items and accessories. Storage trolleys manufacturers will make bespoke trolleys for any non-standard items.

Whatever your storage needs are, storage trolleys manufacturers provide the solutions to match your requirements.

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