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The benefits of bespoke picking trolleys

At Steely Products, we understand that our end users operate in a wide number of markets and need to move and store a wide variety of products. Due to this, sometimes, an off-the-shelf picking trolley is not always up to the task for specialist operations.

In order to provide products that fit the exact needs of end users, we offer bespoke warehouse equipment and a bespoke picking trolley service. This can involve modifying an existing design, or starting almost from scratch with a new trolley design.

Read on to learn some of the benefits of designing a specialist picking trolley for your organisation.

Design and durability

The design philosophy we follow at Steely is to create equipment that works well and lasts a long time. A bespoke picking trolley must do its job well. It must carry products safely and easily without the danger of loads falling over or off the trolley. Attention is paid to the finish. Powder coating protects tubular steel from rust and corrosion. The welded joints are of a high standard so that they won’t let end users down. We only use casters that have been tested for both strength and to allow trolleys to be easily moved and manoeuvred.

We want our bespoke picking trolleys to be reliable and capable of many years of service under heavy daily use.


There are many factors that inform the design of bespoke picking trolleys. Designing or modifying a picking trolley is a collaboration between the end user and the design engineers. Sometimes, an end user has a clear idea about what they need, and may have a hand-drawn sketch or computer-aided design (CAD).

If the end user is not sure about what they need, the various customisation options should be considered. How many pigeon holes are best? How many tote boxes will the trolleys carry, or is a flatbed trolley more suitable? Perhaps the trolley is best with shelves, but how many? If aisles are narrow, what is the maximum width of a trolley that can be easily moved in the aisles? Colour is often not an issue, but some end users want their equipment to be finished in their brand colours.

Through discussion of these requirements and many other design issues, design engineers can form a clear idea of what is wanted and can begin the design process.

For simple designs or for the modification of existing trolleys, a bespoke trolley can be quickly produced and delivered. For more complex designs, prototype trolleys can be made and tested extensively by end users before full production.

Value for money

At Steely, we require no extensive retooling when manufacturing bespoke trolleys. This makes it cost effective to have small runs of bespoke trolleys created. As the business grows, one or two extra bespoke trolleys can easily be made and supplied. Here at Steely, we do all the production in-house, which makes quality control consistent and manufacturing times short.

If your organisation requires bespoke picking trolleys, talk to our experts at Steely Products. Call us or use the contact form below.

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