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Tips for warehouse health and safety

There are many safety risks in the warehouse. Not only do warehouse owners that fail to deal with safety issues risk workers’ health, but unsafe warehouses also have high employee turnovers, can result in many lost working days and owners can be faced with legal action by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). The worse-case scenario is the death of a worker.

Warehouse management should promote safety procedures and value the well-being of all employees. Here are some points to consider:

Trips, slips and falls

The single most common cause of injuries at work in the UK according to the HSE are trips and slips, and falls from heights account for most workplace deaths.

There are many ways to help prevent slips and falls. Good housekeeping procedures make sure that there are no objects that people can fall over. Anti-slip paint keeps smooth warehouse floors safe, and workers should wear shoes with non-slip soles. If cables run across floors, make sure they are covered with heavy-duty cord covers.


Pickers and packers who manually lift items need training in how to lift correctly to prevent musculoskeletal injuries. There should be a manual lifting limit of between 20kg to 25kg. Above this weight, mechanical lifting equipment should be used.

Fire safety

Many warehouses have open spaces and combustible items that can cause a fire to spread rapidly. As well as posing an injury risk, fires can destroy valuable stock and equipment. By disrupting order processing and stock availability, fires can also result in a loss of customers.

There should be regular fire drills within the warehouse, and fire alarms should be tested at least once a week. Emergency lighting must be installed to mark all fire exits.


Employees may need personal protective equipment (PPE) such as hard hats, high visibility jackets and safety shoes. For some work processes, eye and ear protectors are necessary. Every workplace should undertake regular risk assessments to determine the type of PPE required for staff.


All staff need training in health and safety. They should understand how to safely work with warehouse equipment and know the relevant health and safety regulations. Employees should always report any hazards they notice.


Always purchase high-quality equipment that is designed well and built to last. Cheap picking trolleys pose the risk of injury if they break, and racks and shelving need to be strong.
Forklifts or other vehicles that crash into equipment can cause damage, but safety barriers or bollards can be installed to prevent collisions with shelving systems. All equipment should also be regularly inspected.

At Steely Products, we manufacture top-quality warehouse equipment. We take health and safety seriously and make trolleys, packing tables, racks and other equipment that are all safe to work with. Our trolleys have premium quality swivel casters, which makes them easy to move and steer.

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