Warehouse scanner manufacturer aims to protect workers’ fingers

A manufacturer of warehouse scanning equipment is designing the next generation of equipment to protect fingers.

Customers who order online expect speedy order processing and delivery. As the logistics industry becomes more competitive, this puts a lot of pressure on workers to process orders as quickly as possible. Warehouses rely on a warehouse equipment manufacturer to supply the heavy duty trolleys needed to bring the order items to the packing station. To help picking accuracy, hand scanners can be used to read barcodes to confirm that the right item has been picked.

There are strict health and safety rules about pushing and pulling trolleys and lifting items, as these can cause musculoskeletal injuries. A leading manufacturer of handheld mobile computers, Zebra, has identified other issues. After working for a few hours warehouse staff can get tired and their accuracy using Zebras hand scanners becomes less precise. Zebra is developing scanners that can compensate for inaccurate scanning.

Another issue is caused by the huge number of times that the scanning trigger is pressed during the day. Zebra is concerned that this causes operators’ fingers to ache at the end of the day. Zebra is looking at how their triggers could be made softer and easier to press.

Warehouse equipment manufacturers make trolleys that are easy to push and are safe to work with. Zebra has highlighted that every item of warehouse equipment needs designing with worker’s wellbeing in mind, not forgetting the small items like hand scanners and tape dispensers.

Posted by Katrina
25th June 2019
Health & Safety

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