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What tables do Steely Products make?

In the home, a table consists of a flat top and supporting legs. In an industrial setting, however, a table is much more than a flat top and four legs. Here at Steely Products, our tables are designed from welded and powder-coated tubular steel, which makes our tables suitable to carry heavy loads, and ensures they last a long time.

Steely Products makes a range of versatile tables and can modify any design to the end user’s specifications. Here are some of the tables we make:

Packing table

The basic requirements of a packing bench or table are a surface for packing items and storage areas for packing materials and tools. If warehouse management software is used, a monitor keyboard or tablet will be needed for the packer to input when an order is ready for dispatch. A monitor support can be added to the packing station with a keyboard to input data.

A shelf with partitions can hold packing materials. Additional shelves can be added as required.

If bubble or paper wrap is used, a roll holder mounted below the worktop is useful. Legs can be adjustable for workers who are above or below average height, and if packed orders need weighing to calculate shipping costs, a weighing scale with a digital readout can be mounted on the tabletop.

Computer bench

A narrow computer table or bench is useful for any staff members who need the occasional use of a computer. A monitor can be mounted on a raised back bracket, and a printer shelf can hold a standard size office printer. These are designed for use while standing up.

The computer table can be mounted on casters so that it is easily moveable to any location where a computer is required.

Maintenance table

Maintenance tables are designed so that maintenance personnel have everything they need organised and within reach. The back section is split into two areas, one with support to hold tools and the other for racks of small bins to hold screws, nuts, bolts and other small items.

Processing table

A processing table has three sections and is designed to make processing orders efficient. The first lower-level small table is designed to receive tote boxes. A bottom shelf holds a label printer. The main central table has several shelves and brackets for a monitor and keyboard support. Underneath is a roll handler for paper or bubble wrap. The other lower-level section has a surface to place completed orders that are ready to be taken to the dispatch area.

Bespoke solutions

Our tables at Steely Products are built with features that make operations efficient. Any table can be modified to an end user’s specifications. Extra shelves, brackets, equipment holders and partitions can all be added.

If you are not sure what features you need, one of our experts can visit your workplace to observe what processes you use. We will then match a table design to your specific requirements.

To discuss the best tables for your workplace, call Steely Products or use the contact form below.

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