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Bespoke Picking Trolleys

Steely Products is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of bespoke picking trolleys, so it’s not surprising that we have a wide range of picking trolleys to choose from. However, sometimes your needs are very specific, so we’ll also happily create bespoke picking trolleys for your business.

The standard range of Steely picking trolleys come in a variety of heights and widths. All are constructed using strong tubular steel and are easily moved around the workplace because of their sturdiness and castors.

A Steely picking trolley can also act as a packing station to prepare goods for dispatch. All of them are manufactured by expert metalworkers at Steely Products workshop in Manchester.

Why might I need a bespoke picking trolley?

Though many businesses find the standard range of Steely picking trolleys are perfect for their organisation, others have unique picking processes that are not served by our normal range. Some companies need extra features built into their picking trolleys to help them carry out their work.

How to design a bespoke picking trolley

If you know what you want for your bespoke picking trolley, a rough sketch or a quick summary of your ideas is sufficient for our designers and metalworkers to construct a design prototype.

If you have a picking issue that needs solving and you are not sure of the best picking trolley to solve it, a Steely design expert can visit your location to see your storage operation firsthand. Steely will then come up with a bespoke picking trolley that addresses your needs.

Features can be added to your bespoke picking trolley. Trolleys with built-in ladders make it easy to pick and move goods from high shelves. Paperwork can be stored in a convenient paper holder to free up the pickers’ hands. A variety of boxes and containers can be added to a picking tray to hold smaller items, and lamps can be incorporated into trolleys for work in dimly lit areas.

It doesn’t matter whether you want a small or large number of bespoke picking trolleys, our innovative designers can fulfil your needs. The Steely reputation is built on listening to our customers and using their input to design our products.

Why choose Steely Products?

We’re a leading supplier of tubular steel material handling equipment with decades of experience. As a family-run business started in 1970, we have a reputation for producing high-quality products that work like a breeze, and are built to last.

We’ve always steered clear of using distributors or wholesalers, instead preferring to deal directly with our customers. For this reason, you don’t have to pay towards the profits of wholesalers, which makes our material handling range economical, so even a bespoke picking trolley created especially for your situation will not be expensive.

Order lead times are quick and our delivery dates are reliable, as the many repeat customers who rely on us to provide all their material handling products will testify.

Talk to Steely Products today to discuss how we can help make your workplace more organised and efficient.

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