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5 ways to prepare the warehouse for winter

Autumn is the time to make sure that the warehouse is prepared for the chilly winter months. There are at least five important steps to get a warehouse ready for the cold winter months.

1. Seal windows and doors

Windows and doors can let in freezing air so they must be well sealed.

2. Service ventilation and heating systems

The ventilation and heating system needs to be serviced and checked for faults. Any mould or moisture build up should be checked. Vents need cleaning and checking for damage and rust

3. Service water tanks and air compressors

Air compressors and water tanks need checking and servicing. Make sure they are well insulated to prevent them from freezing. All water pipes need examining for leaks and damage.

4. Slip prevention

Wet or icy surfaces are a slip hazard. Workers need to wear footwear with non-slip soles. Mats placed at entrances can help prevent water from entering the warehouse on wet days. If the warehouse floor is smooth, consider adding a top layer of slip prevention material, especially in aisles where pickers walk and at packing stations.

Order de-icing salt for frozen outdoor surfaces.

5. Check drainage

Drainage needs checking so that there are no leaks. Check the roof for any blockages that prevent rainwater from flowing off it.

As Christmas approaches, an additional step for many warehouses is to prepare for increased winter business. If necessary, order additional or replacement trolleys and storage racks from a warehouse equipment manufacturer.

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