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Can I have custom designed clothes rails?

Steely Products manufactures and supplies a wide selection of clothes rails for the garment industry. Sometimes, a client finds that none of the standard clothes rails exactly matches their needs. This is when they require a custom designed clothes rails.

Changing the size

It could be that a completely redesigned rail is not needed. Simply manufacturing a standard rail in a custom size is all that is required.

Choose a standard rail and Steely Products can manufacture one or more of them in a non-standard size. The Z-style rail is designed to move large quantities with convenient moving handles. Easi-store rails can be stored together to save space when not in use. Exhibition rails can be disassembled for easy transportation then assembled without the need for tools. Split level rails are convenient for holding both short and, long garments. Tote box rails can hand garments and store small items in the tote box, and the 7-Tier Rail is ideal to segregate garments or store hangers.

Contact us with your required size, and we will manufacture and deliver modified clothes rails for you.

Changing an existing design

A custom clothes rail could be based on modifying an existing design. For example, the tall archive rail comes with two rails for short and long garments. Extra rails can be added, and the height extended for further garment segregation.

The 7-tier Rail is perfect for behind the till to store returned items. It does not have to have seven rails. Yours could be made with eight, six or some other quantity.

The Tote box rail comes with a tote box and one top rail. It can be made with more tote boxes and extra rails added.

Talk to one of our designers about your garment storage and display needs and they will see if they can come up with a modification of an existing design.

A unique custom rail

If changing the size or modifying an existing design is not enough, you can use the full Steely Products bespoke design service. A Steely designer will come to your workplace to observe your garment storage and moving operations. They will discuss possible solutions to designing a custom clothes rail.

A prototype rail will be manufactured. After you are happy that the design is perfect for your needs, small or large quantities of your custom clothes rails will be manufactured for you.

Steely Products fabricates all their clothes rails in-house at their production facility in Manchester. The entire process from initial design discussion to delivery of the finished clothes rails does not take long, and prices are reasonable for this bespoke service.

The Steely Products reputation

Steely Products has been manufacturing and supplying material handling and storage equipment since 1970. We pioneered the use of tubular steel to produce well designed and durable equipment, and have built a reputation for innovative products that businesses rely on every day.

Yes, Steely products custom design clothes rails for you!

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