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Can I buy packing trolleys built to order?

In busy warehouses, packing trolleys are essential equipment. Trolleys come in many sizes and designs, but sometimes a business needs a custom trolley built to order.

Different sizes

Packing trolleys come in various sizes that are suitable for most businesses. Sometimes the standard size is not ideal, which is why you need a manufacturer that can make their trolleys in custom sizes.

Trolleys are made for a person of average size to comfortably move. The handle of the trolley is at a convenient height so that the trolley can be pushed without strain. If a business employs a very tall worker or someone small, it helps to have a trolley built with a handle higher or lower than normal to suite an unusually tall or very short person.

Trolleys are made to easily fit through doorways. If a workplace has a doorway that is narrower than a standard one, a trolley can be built to fit through it.

Sometimes you need a longer trolley, but there is a limit to how long the trolley can be before it becomes difficult to handle.

Changing the design

A standard packing trolley has a top and bottom shelf with four castors mounted underneath the bottom shelf. Tubular steel construction provides strength without adding lots of extra weight.

A trolley built to order can modify the basic design. For example, more shelves can be added. A clipboard can be attached to the trolley to conveniently display picking paperwork for the operator.

For small items, carboard or tote boxes can be added to the trolley or wire baskets attached to the trolley.

Trolleys can even have steps added to enable workers to reach high stored items. For darker areas, lamps can be added to the trolley.

Bespoke design

If you are unsure about what type of trolley you want building, a designer can visit your workplace to observe your picking and packing operations. A bespoke trolley can then have constructed to meet the needs or your organisation.

Coping with online orders

Online orders are increasing dramatically, and this puts pressure on businesses to pick and dispatch orders very quickly. Many customers demand next-day delivery.

To provide an efficient service, businesses need to analyse all their picking and packaging processes. A packing trolley may seem simple technology, but it is essential that your packing trolley is suitable to get the job done. It needs to be both well designed and built to last under heavy everyday use.

Sometimes buying a trolley from a manufacturer or suppliers catalogue is not enough. It is good to know that packing trolleys can be made to order, built to your specifications.

Your business does not have to reinvent the basic concept of a packing trolley, but simple modifications to the trolley’s design to suit your picking and packing operations can make all the difference. The equipment you use should be the best and designed to make your operations organised and efficient.

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