Crew Clothing among fastest-growing UK fashion retailers

New research has named Crew Clothing as one of the top five fastest-growing fashion retailers in the UK.

Retail property company CWM used data from Companies House to identify the top fashion brands for its report titled “Fastest Growing UK Fashion Retailers 2021”. The report looks at financial information available up to June 2020. The top five fastest-growing brands the report identifies are Crew Clothing, Ba&sh, Vivo Barefoot, Goyard and Me+Em.

The report compilers say that top fashion brands have a multi-channel approach to retailing. They have a significant online presence but also have physical stores. Some have concessions within department stores, which is a low-cost way to acquire physical space.

Many brands that are predominantly online, such as Browns, where 90% of its sales are online, also have retail stores. A physical building helps build a brand and can drive online sales.

To expand its online presence, Crew Clothing and other retailers have reorganised their warehouse space, buying more heavy duty garment rails to hang additional clothing lines that provide more choice for online customers.

Speaking to Drapers, a partner at CWM, Jonathan De Mello, said:

“Very interesting to note is the fact that the majority of the fastest growing fashion brands are those with some form of physical store presence – highlighting that the high street is very far from dead.”

The fashion industry has suffered financially during the pandemic, but many companies are recovering and thriving.

Posted by Derek
19th July 2021
Retail & Warehousing

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