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Five ways to optimise warehouse waste management

The goal of warehouse waste management is to restrict, regulate, audit and optimise the handling of waste. There are several ways to organize waste management including:

1. Organise space

A messy, disorganised warehouse is often one that produces excess waste and is also a safety hazard. Keep storage trolleys and other manual handling equipment away from aisles when not in use, and do not hide waste piles behind equipment. Having several waste areas will make it easier and quicker for workers to dispose of waste.

2. Don’t store excess inventory

Too much inventory could produce unwanted waste if it is not sold, so must be thrown away. Date-sensitive items should have stock levels that meet demand without surplus stock. Managing stock levels is difficult for clothing retailers, especially for fashion lines can become dated. Automated warehouse management systems can help monitor demand and calculate optimum stock levels.

3. Reduce paper use

Instead of paper picking lists and other paper forms, going digital will allow workers to view orders on laptops or tablets. Adding laptop or tablet holders to picking trolleys and packing stations can help this process take shape.

4. A robust waste management plan

A robust waste management plan segregates waste and stores it in different bins according to material types. Recyclable waste should be sent to recycling centres.

5. Staff training

Worker training is a key element of waste management. If there is already a waste management training program, review it and update it if necessary.

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