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Flexibility – the key to a good warehouse storage rack supplier

Warehouses and storage areas need reliable storage racks, so warehouse storage rack supplier needs to be flexible enough to adapt to the individual requirement of warehouse operators.

Why flexibility is important

Most warehouses carry a range of items from small to large, light to heavy. Racks need to be flexible enough to store items of varying weights and sizes and arranged, so that items can be easily located and picked.

Maximising space

In busy warehouses, there should be no wasted space. Adjustable shelving has the flexibility of storing items without any wasted vertical space. High racking systems maximise the vertical area when racks reach the roof space.

Narrow aisle racking increases the storage capacity by making efficient use of the floor space. Narrow aisles still allow forklift trucks to operate and pickers to safely use warehouse trolleys.

A warehouse storage rack supplier will provide racks in custom sizes to exactly fit the available space.

Safety and reliability

A top warehouse storage rack supplier can be trusted to provide racks that are safe, reliable and last a long time.

Every rack has a load limit and, provided the maximum weight is not exceeded, the racks should last a long time. Tubular steel racks are durable and require little maintenance apart from regular cleaning to keep the storage area hygienic. This is especially important right now due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Bollards should be installed to protect racks from collisions by forklifts or heavy duty warehouse trolleys. Racks need regular safety inspections. If any section has been damaged, it should not be used until the damaged parts are replaced. It’s a good idea for warehouses to carry spare racking parts to quickly repair sections. A UK-based warehouse rack supplier should have the flexibility to handle urgent orders and make sure that spare rack sections are delivered within days.

Extending the warehouse

Most businesses aim to increase orders to grow their income. This creates the logistics challenge of finding more storage space for extra items. One solution is to move to a larger warehouse, but this is costly and takes time. To respond quickly, the warehouse storage space needs expanding. There are several ways to do this.

If racking has not utilised the vertical space, then add rows to the existing rack system. If aisles are wide, consider narrowing them to be able to fit extra racks (provided people and trollies can still navigate through them safely). Constructing a mezzanine floor is another solution, and if there is enough space, it may be practical to build an extension.

Working with the warehouse storage rack supplier

When planning a new storage area or extending an existing one, partner with Steely Products at the design stage. We will suggest a racking solution suitable for your individual requirements, and we have the flexibility to supply bespoke racking systems that exactly fit the space and suit the type of items that are stored.

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