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How are warehouse equipment manufacturers helping the NHS?

Warehouse equipment manufacturers are doing their bit for the NHS in several ways during the coronavirus crisis.

The Nightingale hospitals were built in record time ready to treat thousands of people with the COVID-19 virus. Located at London, Manchester, Harrogate, Bristol and Birmingham, these new facilities required thousands of shelving racks to store materials and equipment. They also needed trolleys for hospital workers to use. All the warehouse equipment in the Nightingale hospitals has been designed and produced in the UK.

Vast quantities of personal protective equipment (PPE) are being made in the UK, and PPE is imported from Turkey, China and other countries. All these items need storing on warehouse shelving before distributing to healthcare locations where they are urgently needed.

The UK government has said that it is working with 159 companies to switch its production to PPE for the NHS frontline staff. Storage space is required until the PPE is loaded onto delivery vehicles. Warehouse equipment manufacturers supply trolleys and shelving at short notice to equip new storage areas, with deliveries of new equipment already speedy largely thanks to Britain’s comparatively quiet roads.

The PPE Exchange is a new website service to match the demand for PPE to suppliers. The website has over four million items of equipment registered. After those who need PPE have been matched with suppliers, there is the logistics challenge of delivering the PPE.

Whenever large amounts of goods need to be urgently stored, warehouse equipment suppliers are ready to deliver all the equipment needed that make for efficient and organized spaces.

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