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How digital technology benefits heavy duty garment rails

Heavy duty garment rails are standard equipment used by clothing retailers to display and store their clothes. Leading clothing retailers, such as Joules and Crew Clothing, use digital technology to improve their business, but still rely on heavy duty garment rails.

Customers choose from digital displays in online stores, but on the high street, having clothes displayed on garment rails allows customers to feel and see the quality and style of the garments.

Digital garment rails

There have been several trials of digital clothes rails. These still have physical clothes hanging on the rails, but use digital displays to enhance the shopping experience. Telecoms company O2 trialled a garment rail in a St Helens clothing store that had round digital displays showing simulated blue water. These displays were connected to social media, and the water level images above each garment showed the amount of social media likes for each garment. The concept behind the trial was that customers would buy the garments most popular on social media. Shoppers could also connect a smartphone app to the display to see more details about the garments.

Other retailers have digital screens next to garment rails that feature images and videos of the clothes on display. Digital displays draw attention to the garments on the rails, provide additional information to help decide on a purchase and ultimately, help to influence what shoppers buy. The displays add features to the garment rails, but do not replace them – customers still need to see the garments on the rail for themselves and have the opportunity to try them on.

Digital heavy duty garment rails in the warehouse

Digital displays on garment rails are not useful in the warehouse, but digital technology can help pickers find garments. Whether a warehouse processes orders for shops or handles online orders, they face the same challenge – how to pick items as quickly as possible.

There are several systems available to achieve fast picking times. Digital tags can be added to the garment rails that guide pickers using either visual or auditory signals. Individual garments can have barcodes or tags that activate a handheld scanner that tells pickers they have located the correct item. If garment rails are moved around the warehouse, tags can tell digital stock systems where they are now located.

Non digital heavy duty garment rails

Steely Products sells heavy duty garment rails for both retails stores and warehouses. We specialise in premium-quality warehouse equipment made from tubular steel, and our heavy duty garment rails are strong but lightweight and are designed to be long-lasting under heavy use.

We do not make or supply digital systems, but there are several companies that supply digital technology to add to our rails. Successful garment businesses combine the best of non-digital equipment with digital promotion tools and technology designed to make their stores and warehouse more efficient.

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