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Innovations in bins, totes and container designs

Numerous warehouses rely on bins, totes or containers for the storage of smaller items. Though the designs of these containers are relatively uncomplicated and have remained unaltered for a prolonged period, recently there have been some technological advancements in their design.

Accidental electrostatic discharges can cause damage to electronic components. To protect these electric parts from harm, materials that shield them from discharges have been used in the creation of innovative bins.

While many warehouses hire workers who manually pick out items from totes, sometimes entire totes need transportation from one location within the warehouse to another, or even outside it. To reduce the costs of transporting large quantities of empty containers or totes, collapsible versions have recently been developed as an efficient solution.

Bot-totes are machines designed specifically for carrying containers around the warehouse. Instead of requiring order-pickers to go to each tote to find order items, the bot brings the tote to them. This reduces time spent picking individual orders.

Often, translucent lids are loosely fitted onto bins or totes, but this hides the view of their contents. Transparent plastic lids provide a simple and effective solution by allowing easy content identification without removing covers.

For most manufacturing plants, workshops and warehouses, standard totes or bins are fine. Good quality ones can last several years before needing to be replaced. However, more specialized uses require bespoke container solutions tailored precisely towards specific requirements. Businesses often work closely with their warehouse equipment manufacturer in developing customized container and storage solutions.

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