Joules uses new system to streamline product development

Premium lifestyle company Joules has recently started using a new Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) system from Centric Software to make profit development and launches more efficient.

Joules, which designs and sells clothing, accessories, footwear and homeware, operates a number of stores, but 70% of its business is online. Limited space in physical stores restricts the number of product lines for sale, but its online catalogue offers a wider range. To keep up with customers’ demands, Joules needs to develop more quality products for customers, and this is now made easier with the new PLM system, which controls the whole of the product development process.

The system creates more transparency and makes product development more efficient and effective. Joules estimates that the new PLM system provides a 15% time saving on product development.

Speaking to Just Style, the Senior Programme Manager at Joules, Kellie Hubbard, said:

“From our perspective, the time saving is better expressed as an ability do more, and do better, with the same resources.”

Small-to-medium online retailers like Joules operate large warehouses that rely on workers using manual handling and storing equipment, such as storage trolleys, heavy duty garment rails and packing tables. The designs of the warehouse equipment they use may not have significantly changed over the last decade, but advances in logistics and production software have improved the production and efficiency of online retailers.

To remain competitive, Joules and other online retailers have invested heavily in advanced software to control their whole business, from developing new products to processing orders and delivering them to customers.

Posted by Katrina
8th November 2021
Retail & Warehousing

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