Move glass more easily with a mobile A-frames supplier

A mobile A-frame is the best way to safely move sheets of glass around the workplace.

Mobile A-frames suppliers stock various models these A-shaped work aids suitable for transporting glass. Window companies such as Everest, Anglia Home and Safestyle supply and fit a huge number of windows to homes and businesses, and needless to say, this means transporting a lot of a material that can break easily.

Glass is a great material for letting in light, and as part of a double glazed window, it will prevent heat from escaping to keep areas warm. The major issue with glass is that it is brittle and breakable, not only ruining it as a product, but also potentially causing injury.

Moving glass sheets around the workplace can be hazardous. Mobile A-frames are the solution for safely moving glass.

The technology behind A-frames is simple – a vertical frame made from tubular steel lengths is attached to a similar frame at a small angle between 3 and 5 degrees to form a tall narrow A shape. This frame has horizontal wood slats to protect the glass from scratching. The two joined vertical frames are attached to a horizontal platform also made with tubular steel, which is mounted on swivel casters.

A number of glass sheets can be stored on a mobile A-frame and easily pushed or pulled by a single worker. The swivel casters make it easy to move and steer the piece of apparatus.

A mobile A-frames supplier will also supply static frames for the safe storage of glass sheets, door trolleys, and equipment to store and move completed windows. If the supplier is also the manufacturer, they will be able to make mobile A-frames in custom sizes for non-standard sized glass sheets.

Provided workers are trained in using mobile A-frames and have protective workwear, they are the safest and most reliable way of transporting glass.

Posted by Derek
2nd May 2019
Retail & Warehousing

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