Preparing for the warehouse of 2030

Automation experts, Swisslog, have released a study analysing plans for the future of warehousing and how operations might look by the year 2030. The trends of today’s society are becoming more and more reliant on technology; this is having a major impact on consumer behaviour, shaping the way we shop and of our expectations of services. The study ‘Future Perspectives: Planning for the Warehouse of the Future’ examines how the current trends will affect

the industry and how demands may be met in the future.

The study suggests that by 2030 the growth of urban areas will result in warehouses moving nearer consumers, and automation will play a significant role in responding to growing customer demand for faster and more convenient deliveries. Local distribution centres will be designed for complete same-day delivery with robotic picking, autonomous vehicles, drone delivery and mobile collection points. Configuring facilities for wholesale automation will mean a warehouse equipment manufacturer will have to look at how things such as packing stations can be adapted for robotic picking and packing.

Changes in consumption, for example with the growth of ecommerce, has had a major impact on production, warehousing, logistics and retailing. Head of Sales at Swisslog, Shane Faulkner says:

“Technology will play a significant role in delivering the speed and efficiency required to automate the movement of products from large regional warehouses to the urban distribution centres that the report envisions.”

This will mean operators will be able to respond to customer orders faster and more efficiently.

Posted by Katrina
9th May 2018
Retail & Warehousing

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