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Small injuries can have a big impact on your business

Safety in the warehouse industry has always been of utmost importance, and while every effort to prevent major injuries should be made, small injuries can also be very detrimental in the workplace.

Causing loss of work days, increased insurance costs, reduced productivity, permanent or temporary hardship for the worker, and a lowering of morale, minor and major injuries alike can have a sizable impact.

Most injuries are avoidable with the appropriate awareness, training and equipment, yet some injuries, cuts and lacerations, for example, still keep occurring with persistent regularity. Often ranking highly in statistical reports of workplace injuries, cuts can range from small nicks requiring just a plaster, to deep gashes resulting in a trip to the local accident and emergency department and stitches, often followed by some time off work. There could also be permanent damage to tendons or nerves, affecting a person’s dexterity and employability. This all has a knock-on effect for the business, such as re-training costs, a disrupted workflow and reduced production.

Having the right tools and equipment, as well as a good training programme on proper use and safety awareness, can help reduce workplace accidents and injuries. Keeping tools correctly stored on packing stations and ensuring that pick and pack tables are kept clear of clutter are just some of the ways to prevent accidents, large or small. The use of blades and cutting tools are a common factor in the warehouse industry, but a reputable warehouse equipment supplier will be able to advise on the safest option.

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