Steel industry seeks ways to reduce carbon footprint

The steelmaking process produces about 7% of the world’s carbon emissions and the steel industry is looking at ways to reduce its carbon footprint.

The Global Head of Sustainable Development and Corporate Responsibility of ArcelorMittal Steel, Alan Knight says:

“Because there is so much steel used — 90% of all metal used in the world is steel—the steel industry has a big carbon footprint and, like all industries, we need to reduce it.”

Steel is widely used to make warehouse equipment including shelves, heavy duty trolleys and packing tables. Warehouse equipment is designed to last many years, but will eventually reach the end of its life. Fortunately, the steel used in equipment can be recycled to make new steel. Steel recycling is not new, and the steel used to make Model T Fords in the early twentieth century was recycled and may still be in use today.

Although a large quantity of scrap metal is available each year, there is not enough to fulfil the annual high demand for steel. New steel needs to be made, but the industry wants steelmaking to have a minimum impact on the environment.

ArcelorMittal is researching and testing various technologies that will reduce the carbon footprint of steelmaking. It is building several pilot plants that use carbon-saving technology. For example, carbon capture and storage systems can capture around 90% of the carbon emitted from fossil fuels.

Steel plants powered by waste wood instead of coal are being tested as wood burning produces less carbon than coal.

Posted by Mark
30th December 2019

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