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The five benefits a warehouse rack manufacturer provides

Retail businesses focus on the fast and accurate fulfilment of orders. A warehouse rack manufacturer can supply the racking that stores merchandise and keep it safe from damage. Efficient storage of goods is a vital part of an organised warehouse operation.

There are five major benefits a warehouse rack manufacturer brings to the warehouse.

1. Fewer damaged goods

Damaged items cannot be sold – at least not at their normal value – and are a loss to the business. Heavy-duty racking systems safely store goods, so only buy racks made from tubular steel that are durable and can withstand minor collisions with picking trolleys or forklifts.

2. Maximise space

As business increases, there is pressure on warehouse space to store goods. Racking systems can be multistorey to take advantage of the full height of the warehouse, and goods can be stored densely.

Racking systems are flexible, meaning shelves can be positioned at heights to fit the size and number of goods stored in each location.

3. Racks can be customised

A warehouse rack manufacturer based in the UK will make racks to custom sizes to exactly fit the available space. They can advise on the best rack layout for an individual warehouse. Racks can be customised according to the type of goods stored on them.

4. Racks integrate with automated warehouse systems

Automated warehouse systems track goods from arriving at the warehouse to being packed and delivered to customers. Automated systems guide pickers using visual or audio signals so that they can quickly and accurately locate order items. Sensors can be added to make racking systems smart for identifying each location.

Warehouses need organising so that pickers can easily find goods and take them to the packing station. The best systems work out the optimum picking routes to avoid unnecessary walking. Conveyor systems can be added to cut down on picker journey times.

The racking system is part of an efficient system that makes the picking, packing and dispatch of orders as fast as possible with no errors.

5. Racking systems are adaptable

A warehouse racking manufacturer makes racks that are flexible and can adapt to changing business conditions. Extra racks can be added and shelving heights can be adjusted. A business can buy as many racks as they need now. If there is spare space, extra racks can be added as the business grows.

A one or two-tier system may be sufficient now, and a third or fourth tier built when orders increase or more product lines are added.

A good UK manufacturer will be able to make new racks very quickly, with fast delivery times. Tubular steel racks are very sturdy but need regular safety inspections, especially if a collision has occurred. Often, only the damaged parts need replacing, not whole sections. The warehouse rack manufacturer will carry, or can make new spare parts to mend racks.

Retail customers expect orders to be delivered quickly, and good warehouse racks are a key part of an efficient and organised warehouse that is capable of handling a high volume of daily orders. At Steely Products, we can design bespoke racks for your warehouse, so why not contact us to learn more?

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