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Why investing in quality equipment matters

If you’re looking for material handling or storage equipment, you should aim to purchase items that are strong, reliable and well-designed for the job they’re made for. At Steely Products, we’re proud of producing quality material handling and storage equipment that benefits our customers. Here’s why we believe creating and investing in quality equipment is so important:

Saves money in the long run

Quality products save money for both the manufacturer and the consumer, as they’re not likely to break down. For example, it would cost either ourselves or our customers money if our equipment could not withstand heavy-duty tasks and had to be repaired because of failures. High-quality products are also longer lasting, meaning they won’t need to be replaced as frequently.

With quality comes consistency. Strict quality controls make sure that all the equipment we create and sell is made to high standards, with strong welds that don’t break apart. Customers can have peace of mind knowing that all equipment they buy from us is of the same high quality.

Customer satisfaction

We believe customer satisfaction is closely aligned with a commitment to quality. We aim to have long-term relationships with our customers and be the first company they turn to when they need new equipment. Customer satisfaction is not just about the quality of the equipment, as customer service is also very important. Customer service starts with the first initial contact with the end user. Then, equipment has to be delivered on schedule, at the time delivery was promised.

Customer service continues after a sale has been made and the equipment has been delivered. We welcome feedback from people who use our products every day, and we modify equipment designs based on suggestions from our customers.

Frequent innovation

Quality is not just about producing a range of equipment and never innovating or improving on the quality. In theory, there may be the “perfect” picking trolley or packing station, but as long as innovative minds come up with design improvements, perfection has not been reached in our eyes.

We work with customers to provide bespoke solutions, modifying and re-designing equipment to adapt to particular workplaces, with the end result being quality equipment that meets the exact needs of the end users.

The importance of honesty

A product or service may be of a high quality, but if a product is oversold by the manufacturer claiming that it can do more than it’s capable of, this lowers the quality in the customer’s mind.

Here at Steely Products, we’re honest, never using exaggeration when selling our equipment. We simply say that we produce cost-effective equipment that is designed well and is durable. We strive to work with our customers to modify designs and provide quality customer service before and after sales.

Quality starts with a conversation about what the best equipment solution is for your workplace. To start this conversation, call us or contact Steely Products using the form below. Let’s talk about quality equipment.

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