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Zero-carbon steel plant seeks funding

ArcelorMittal plans to construct the world’s largest zero-carbon steel plant in Sestao, near Bilbao in Spain. The company is seeking 500 million euros of public money towards the cost of the plant, which is set to cost one billion euros.

The funding is set to come from the EU or the Spanish government. The plant will use renewable energy and plans to produce 1.6 million tonnes of steel with zero carbon emissions in 2025.

Warehouse equipment, such as heavy duty trolleys and packing tables, are made from tubular steel, which is recyclable. New steel usually contains a proportion of recycled steel, but production is not very environmentally friendly, as carbon is emitted during the manufacturing process.

Most steel plants use coke as a source of heat and to remove the oxygen from iron ore. The burning coke emits large amounts of carbon gases. To combat this, the new plant will be powered by hydrogen, which is clean energy that still provides the required high temperature. The Sestao plant will be the world’s first large-scale steel manufacturing operation to produce steel without carbon emissions.

In a statement, Aditya Mittal, the Chief Executive of ArcelorMittal, said:

“This is a hugely significant development and demonstrates the strength of innovation embedded in our people, our unparalleled technology leadership, and what can be achieved through investment in existing steelmaking infrastructure.”

Mittal added that ArcelorMittal is set to be the first producer of steel to offer large quantities of zero-carbon-emission steel.

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