Demand for warehouse trolleys expected to grow

New research on the material handling market has found that the demand for manual handling equipment, such as warehouse trolleys, is expected to grow during the next seven years.

A report by Transparency Market Research has found that strict regulations and guidelines by governments and regulators are responsible for the growth of manual handling equipment sales. In workplaces where workers once carried items, they now must use warehouse trolleys to safely move them instead.

The report defines materials handling trolley as:

“equipment for short-distance movement which usually takes place within the boundary of a building such as a plant or a warehouse and between a building and to a transportation agency.”

Another reason for the high demand is the large number of warehouses built by manufacturers who are providing more goods to the growing world population. In the UK, there has been a large increase in online sales.

Using well-made, heavy duty warehouse trolleys made from steel saves time and increases productivity. The report notes that manual trolleys are safe to use as long as they are not overloaded. Carrying too much weight puts a strain on workers who push or pull trolleys, and goods falling off trolleys can cause injuries. Following guidelines published by the Health and Safety Executive minimises safety risks.

If the report by Transparency Market Research is correct then it shows that warehouse trolley suppliers and manufacturers will need to manufacture a number of quality trolleys and other manual handling equipment during the next few years.

Posted by Mark
27th August 2019

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