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Environmental technology creates more warehouse space

The COVID-19 lockdown has meant that more people are ordering online. This has caused many warehouses to run out of space to stock inventory and process orders. Environmental technology can create extra space, while helping the warehouse to be more environmentally friendly.

An issue with online retailers is the high number of customer returns, especially in the garment industry. Many customers deliberately over-buy clothes knowing that they will return some of them. All these returns come in packages that have to be stored somewhere before being thrown away or recycled. Automatic channel baling presses take waste packaging and compress them into bales, which take up little space. The bales can automatically be sent to an area ready for dispatch to the recycling centre.

Another way to deal with waste packing is to use cardboard perforator machines to create cardboard offcuts, which are used to make recycled packaging. This saves space, is environmentally friendly and cuts packaging costs.

Using these environmental technologies may not save all the required space in a warehouse. With the help of a storage racks supplier, however, the warehouse can be reorganised by changing the rack or shelving layout. Extra shelves can be added, and aisle widths reduced.

New shelving or racks made from tubular steel do not significantly impact the environmental footprint of a warehouse. Steel is a recyclable material, but it does require a lot of energy to produce. Many steel manufacturers are developing technology that involves little or no carbon emissions.

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