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Equipment manufacturers are keeping warehouse workers safe

The Health and Safety Executive has revealed that two thirds of injuries reported in the warehouse are caused by lifting heavy loads. Many tasks in the warehouse require repetitive lifting, pulling, and pushing, as well as stretching and twisting the body, all of which pose a risk of injury. According to Unidex, a US warehouse equipment manufacturer:

“Some components are too bulky to move with manual labour, and some can only be moved with substantial effort, putting employees at risk of both acute and overuse injuries.”

To keep warehouse workers safe, Maria Highland, writing for the website Hoist, suggests using material handling equipment that assists workers with heavy loads. Good quality picking trolleys, lift tables, and pallet positioning equipment can help take the strain off moving heavy loads.

Warehouse managers aim to balance productivity with high standards of health and safety. The right warehouse equipment limits the need for bending and stretching, reducing fatigue in workers, and allowing them to work faster and safer. Picking trolleys with premium quality casters are designed to push or pull easily, without putting undue strain on operators.

Some warehouse equipment manufacturers offer bespoke services, creating handling and storage equipment to their client’s specifications. Tailored design solutions can prioritize safety.

Equipment designed to move or store heavy items does not have to be expensive. Compared to forklifts, portable manual handling equipment made with strong tubular steel is cost-effective, safe to use, and operators do not need a license to use them.

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