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Five ways to increase warehouse workers’ productivity

Up to 50% of the cost of processing an order in the warehouse is staff costs. Improving employee efficiency and productivity saves money. There are many ways to improve staff productivity, and we’ve listed some below:

1. Measure

Productivity needs to be measured, otherwise, it is impossible to tell whether any changes have increased productivity. Order processing can simply be measured by how many orders are picked, packed and dispatched each day.

The time taken to process incoming goods and putting them on the shelves should also be measured.

Frequent measuring of all processes in the warehouse will highlight which areas need improving.

2. Increase work pace

The faster an employee works, the more productive they are. On the other hand, if employees are asked to work at too high a pace without adequate breaks, they can become overtired, and productivity and accuracy can drop.

There are ways to make order picking faster without workers having to run around and tire themselves out. Warehouse management software can plan picking routes and guide pickers to item locations. This reduces order picking journey times and increases picking accuracy. Conveyor systems save walking times.

Packing time can be reduced by ensuring that all the materials packers need are within reach. A well-designed picking table with extra shelves will make sure that all packing materials are organised without the packer having to stretch or twist.

Aim to have a well-organised warehouse without forcing workers to work at an unhealthy pace.

3. Quality labour

Sometimes, warehouse work is viewed as a low skill occupation, but it is not easy to process orders accurately and quickly. Hire the best employees you can find, perhaps by paying attractive wages to appeal to better job candidates.

Quality training is essential. Employers have a legal obligation to undertake health and safety training, but they should also teach workers the best practices to increase their productivity.

In addition, a bonus scheme based on order processing targets is an incentive that encourages workers to perform at the best of their ability.

4. Good management

Effective and quality management is key to getting the most from workers. Managers need to have the ability to manage and motivate people.

5. Quality equipment

Poor equipment decreases productivity. Warehouse workers need well-designed equipment that has been created for heavy use. Picking trolleys should be suitable for the size and weight of the goods they carry. Premium-quality swivel casters make trolleys easy to push and steer. All equipment should be very safe to use.

Picking stations must be well-organised, with picking tables or benches equipped with shelves and equipment holders that improve the picking process.

Steely Products is here to supply top shelving, trolleys, tables and other handling and storage equipment. Our equipment makes the warehouse efficient, enabling workers to reach their maximum productivity levels.

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