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Four benefits of bespoke handling and storage in warehouses

Each warehouse facility is different in terms of its size, shape and the amount of space that it has available for storage and handling. Therefore, even though most suppliers of those items of equipment will have multiple types of racks and trolleys available, they may still not have precisely what you need.

That is where bespoke equipment comes in. So, what are the major benefits of having your warehouse handling and storage equipment made to measure?

The right size

Locating off-the-shelf storage or handling equipment that fits the size of warehouse you happen to have could be a problem. Maybe the picking trolleys are too wide to fit easily through the lanes of your storage area, which will lead to delays and reduced productivity. Opting for bespoke trolleys will mean the manufacturer visiting your warehouse and getting measurements so that they can design trolleys to fit perfectly.

Maximising space

The equipment you use for storage should maximise the space that you have. That will enable you to guarantee the safe storage of items while also allowing you to boost profits by storing greater amounts of stock. If you opt for standard racking, the space will have to accommodate them, whereas bespoke storage equipment can be specifically designed to exploit the existing space – e.g. mezzanine floors for warehouses with vertical space.


If your warehouse stores items of widely differing sizes, it can be difficult to find standard handling and storage equipment that fits. In turn, this can lead to safety issues. Should items be stored on racks or shelves that are not big or weighty enough for them, they can collapse and cause injury to employees. Equally, workers trying to move items using trolleys that are too small can also be dangerous.

Bespoke equipment is designed to fit whatever items your warehouse commonly stores and handles.

Suitable style

The style of the equipment you use may not be as crucial as its practicality, but equipment that matches the look and colour scheme of your business will be better than settling for anything available.

The manufacturer will be able to add colours that blend in with those of your business brand, which will help to make a positive first impression on clients and other visitors to your warehouse.

At Steely Products, we manufacture all racks and trolleys ourselves from tubular steel and can produce custom designs. Use the form below to contact us.

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