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Warehouse storage racks – key to an efficient warehouse

At Steely Products, we make a variety of warehouse storage racks that adapt to all warehouse management systems to make them more efficient. Whether you store items on pallets or need space for individual items, we can offer a storage solution for your workplace.

If you are looking at reorganising the warehouse to make it more productive, there are a number of points to consider.

Aisle width and height

When designing a warehouse racking layout, the first thing to look at is aisle size. The most common type of racks are wide aisle racks, which are easy to access by forklifts and picking trolleys. They have plenty of space for handling equipment to pass each other and there is room to safely load items and pick them from racks.

Where space is limited, narrow aisle racks can operate in aisles as where space is as limited as 1.4 metres. We supply narrow picking trolleys to make it easier to work in these tighter aisles. To increase the capacity of a warehouse, wide aisle racks can be repositioned to provide narrower aisles and extra racks added. Where there is not enough room for trolleys to pass each other, narrow aisle warehouses need one-way traffic systems.

Extra storage space can also be achieved by adding extra rack components to make existing racks higher

Item weight

Racks need to be capable of supporting the weight of items that are stored. Heavy duty racks from Steely can support light to heavy items. All racks have specified maximum loads, and provided this load is not exceeded, the racks will be safe and last a long time. We also make warehouse trolleys that have maximum load specifications.


Safety is paramount in warehouses, since warehouse owners have legal obligations to carry out regular risk assessments. At Steely Products, our storage racks are made by expert metalworkers and installed by experienced fitters. They are designed to be reliable and stay secure for many years. Little maintenance is required – regular cleaning and safety inspections are all that is needed.

If a trolley or other vehicle collides with a section of storage racks, it may need replacing. Steely storage racks are modular so that if any part is stressed, only individual components need replacing rather than the entire rack.

Bespoke warehouse storage racks

Steely racks are made in small batches by skilled metalworkers who cut, bend and weld tubular steel lengths to create them. The size of racks can easily be adjusted to fit the available space without the need for expensive retooling. Racks can be modified – for example, clipboard holders can be added, or location sensors can be fixed to racks to guide pickers to item locations.

Which rack is right for you?

The Steely Products team is happy to visit your workplace to assess your requirements and determine which storage racking system is best to make your operation more efficient and productive. To discuss all your warehouse storage racks requirements, give us a call or use the form below.

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