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Four signs that your warehouse needs organising

A well-organised warehouse increases the effectiveness of a business, as orders can be processed faster and more accurately. An ill-organised warehouse, on the other hand, decreases productivity. Here are four signs that indicate a warehouse is not organised well:

1. Regular order errors

Few warehouses manage 100% error-free order processing, but if the error rate is high, it’s a sign that the warehouse is disorganised. There are several reasons for order errors, such as incorrect or confusing labels causing pickers to take the wrong items. In addition, if items that are similar are located next to each other, it’s easy to mistakenly select the wrong one.

2. Inventory shrinkage

If the inventory stock is disorganised and is not monitored correctly, missing items may not be identified. If stock is stolen, this can go unnoticed for a long time if regular stock checks are not conducted. Alternatively, stock may appear to be missing when, in fact, it is stored in the wrong place due to a lack of proper organisation.

3. Inefficient picking routes

To speed up picking times, routes need to be planned so that workers travel an optimum distance. If a picker goes to the far end of the warehouse to pick an item, travels to the front for the next item, then returns towards the back for another one, this is a badly organised picking route. Picking routes need to be planned well to cut down journey times.

4. Messy warehouse

One sure sign that a warehouse needs reorganising is that it looks messy. Clutter indicates that inventory is not stored correctly, and if goods and equipment are haphazardly left on the warehouse floor, there is an injury risk of employees tripping over them.

What to do if your warehouse is disorganised

There are a few simple steps to deal with a badly organised warehouse. Firstly, make sure that every item received is clearly labelled, preferably with bar codes, so that they can be easily identified. Photo labels with images of what is inside a box are also useful.

Use a warehouse management system software that maps out where every item is stored and directs pickers to exact locations for order items. Also, ensure you store items logically. Store similar category items together, or place high-demand items near packing stations to cut down on picking journey times.

Always keep aisles clear of items for safety and to allow uninterrupted passage of picking trolleys.

Invest in extra storage

Additionally, you can invest in quality storage shelving and other warehouse equipment that comfortably carries the weight of items without damage and allows more products to be neatly stored.

At Steely Products, we may not be able to re-organise your warehouse for you, but we are experts on warehouse shelving. Before re-organising your warehouse, talk to us about your shelving needs and how extra storage capacity can be added. We also supply packing tables, picking trolleys, garment rails and other equipment, which all contribute to a well-organised warehouse.

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