Getting a step ahead with reliable warehousing packing equipment

Efficient and quick packing and shipping can make or break a business. Customers expect that orders are shipped promptly, so the right types of warehousing packing equipment can make all the difference.

The basic process of packing is taking items from shelves to packing stations, packing the order, then moving it to a dispatch area ready to be picked up by a courier vehicle, or loaded onto the business’s own delivery van.

Warehouse software systems track the progress of orders, but most warehouses use manual trolleys to deliver items to the packing station.

The key to organising a packing station is to have well-trained staff working with top-class warehouse packing equipment. The packing system needs to be flexible so that mistakes can be tracked and systems modified to minimise errors.

The central area of the packing station is the packing table. Within easy reach of the table are shelves containing packing tools, equipment and materials. Several sizes of boxes are required so that orders are packed with no wasted space. Fragile items need special care and attention with bubble wrap or similar cushioning materials to prevent breakages.

An additional table or shelves can be used as temporary storage for items of an incomplete order if all order items on a multipart order do not arrive at the packing station together.

It is important to use strong warehousing packing equipment. You don’t want equipment to break during a busy period. Choose tables, shelves and trolleys made from tubular steel that is strong and built to last.

If a warehouse equipment supplier’s standard equipment does not meet your exact requirements, contact a British warehouse equipment manufacturer who can make bespoke equipment in custom sizes to fit the available space. They can also modify the design of warehouse equipment for particular situations.

Posted by Mark
10th June 2019
Retail & Warehousing

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