Material handling top priority for logistics optimisation

The growth of online sales has put pressure on warehouses to process orders quicker and more efficiently, and an expert has stated that material handling should be a priority for these warehouses.

Luke Goodwin, an expert on warehouse logistics, says:

“Quality material handling inside warehouses is essential in optimizing logistics management.”

Goodwin explains that material handling systems are not just about moving items around a warehouse. Good material handling includes calculating the best routes to move materials, protecting materials and workers during handling, and improving storage and retrieval processes.

Safe and fast material handling improves order processing speed, along with avoiding damage and unnecessary downtime. Goodwin recommends that warehouses prioritise improving their material handling systems to optimise logistics operations.

Manual handling equipment has improved, and there are numerous choices for such equipment. For example, a heavy duty trolleys manufacturer should be able to provide quality heavy duty trolleys that are easy to move and steer when carrying heavy loads. Specialised trolleys have been developed for different types of items, from small boxes to large sofas.

The second priority after material handling is improving inventory management by using a warehouse management system that provides accurate stock levels, monitors demand and alerts workers when items need restocking. Storage areas need to be organised well to save space.

Warehouse managers see optimising material handling and inventory management as a continuous process. Any bottlenecks in the warehouse system alert managers to areas that need improving. Warehouse equipment providers work closely with warehouse operators to develop the best picking, packing and storage equipment to maximise efficiency.

Posted by Mark
31st January 2022
Retail & Warehousing

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