Report highlights value of casters in manual handling equipment

A new report by Persistence Market Research looked at the role that casters have in manual handling operations.

Large companies such as Tesco, Constellation in Bristol, and Amazon, handle a huge volume of orders every day. Though these companies have invested in automated equipment, heavy duty trolleys and other manual handling equipment are still used and these need strong and reliable casters.

David. A Fisher patented the first design for casters, which were initially used in furniture and later adapted for industrial use. Modern casters have features including brakes, direction locks and shock absorbers.

Overexertion is one of the leading causes of disabling injuries. Many of these injuries are caused by lifting heavy objects. Pushing and pulling saves many of these injuries, but around 10% of back injuries are caused by pushing and pulling. The Persistence Market Research says that this has fuelled the increased demand for high-quality casters that make pulling and pushing goods on trolleys easier. The report predicts that this demand will increase.

Amazon, Ocado and other large organisations have developed robots that could replace manual handling, but most businesses still rely on manual handling and heavy-duty trolleys.

The report noted that many countries are increasing their health and safety standards and this provides opportunities for caster wheel manufacturers to expand into international markets including India, China, Latin America and South East Asia.

Wheels were used by ancient civilizations and still play an important role in modern warehouses.

Posted by Katrina
25th March 2019
Health & Safety

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