The best box trolleys for your workplace

Box trolleys are ideal for moving small items. They are perfect for picking and packing operations where many orders are processed and dispatched.

A basic box trolley has a top and bottom shelf and four swivel casters. There are several modifications on this basic design available to suit individual situations.

The boxes

A box trolley is designed to carry small items in boxes. Simple plastic boxes are suitable for many situations. These are inexpensive, but if you buy ones that are very cheap, they will not be sturdy and can easily break.

For very small and light items, stiff cardboard boxes with open fronts are preferred by some companies. If they wear out, they are inexpensive to replace.

Wire mesh boxes are also available with the advantage that the contents can easily be seen.

Bespoke box trolleys

The best box trolleys are made from tubular steel. Most British manufactures do not have a production line making thousands of trolleys a day. They are fabricated by skilled metal workers in small batches. This means that it is economical to make bespoke box trolleys that are adapted to individual requirements.

Box trolley suppliers have standard size box trolleys, but trolleys can be made to custom sizes. There is a limit to the width and length of the trolleys. If they must fit through doorways or are used on narrow warehouse shelving aisles, they cannot be too wide. Likewise, trolleys that are too long can be difficult to steer.

The height of the handles that push the trolley is fixed at a height suitable for the average worker. Bespoke trolleys with low or high handle height can be made for short and tall workers. Extra shelves can be added to carry more small boxed items.

Many warehouse and storage areas still use printed picking sheets. These are usually carried on a clipboard, but this means that workers cannot operate hands-free. A solution to this is to have a clipboard attached to the trolley.

Another issue is reaching items on high shelves. It is awkward to carry steps as well as the box trolley, so steps can be incorporated in a box trolley to solve this issue.

Most businesses have boxes that can be freely carried. Some operations prefer boxes that are fixed to the box trolley.

The advantage of using a local box trolley manufacturer is that one of their design experts can visit your workplace to observe your storage and packing operations. They can have an in-depth discussion about your box trolley needs and create a bespoke solution for your business.

After a prototype has been tested and found acceptable, as many box trolleys as the business requires can be manufactured and delivered.

Go for the best box trolleys

For an efficient and organised warehouse or storage area, businesses need the best equipment. You can rely on British-made box trolleys manufactured using tubular steel and fabricated by skilled metal workers. They will last many years under heavy use and not let you down in the way cheap equivalents might.

Posted by Katrina
28th November 2018

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