Top three potential warehouse safety hazards

Improved safety standards and awareness have done a lot to minimise hazards in the workplace over the past few years, yet the warehouse can still be a dangerous environment if associated risks are not addressed properly. Here are three of the top most common areas for potential hazards:


The size and weight of forklifts make them one of the most dangerous pieces of warehouse equipment, for warehouse personnel as well as causing expensive stock damage. Over-confidence of operators can lead to mistakes, damaging goods and warehouse storage trolleys and shelving, while overloading creates a mobile hazard that could easily tip over. Only trained operators should use forklifts, with regular refresher courses to avoid bad habits.

Trip hazards

Easily avoided with the proper training and clear safety guidelines for employees to follow. Liquids and other substances that are spilt need to be dealt with in the correct manner, debris and rubbish should not be allowed to build up, and pallets and boxes should be stored in the right place. Warehouse staff should all be trained in how to deal with a spillage, and the correct equipment should be available at all times.

Manual handling

One of the most common hazards facing a warehouse operative is incorrect handling of heavy or awkwardly shaped objects. Back injuries, strains and sprains account for a high percentage of work related injuries, around 40 to 50 percent, and lost labour hours can have a big impact on the bottom-line. Regular reviews of picking and packing methods, especially when a new line is introduced, should go hand in hand with staff manual handling training.

Posted by Katrina
23rd May 2018
Health & Safety

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