UK furniture trolleys suppliers solve the challenge of moving heavy goods

Furniture manufacturers and retailers face a tough task when it comes to moving furniture safely around warehouses and retail premises. Large retailers like Harvey, Furniture Village and Oak Furniture Land rely on UK furniture trolleys suppliers to solve the challenge with a wide range of specialised work aids.

Furniture such as chairs, sofas and beds are awkward to move. Furniture trolley suppliers have a wide range of specialised trolleys suitable for all types of furniture.

The majority of products purchased in the UK are made in East Asia because of its generally cheaper manufacturing costs. This is true for mass-produced items, but many furniture items are still made in the UK. There also UK furniture trolley manufactures who make trolleys in small batches using skilled metalworkers.

By buying British, Businesses do not have to wait a long time for trolleys to be delivered and bespoke trolleys can be manufactured quickly and at an affordable cost. For example, changing the size of a standard trolley to fit a particular item of furniture is straightforward and does not cost a lot more than purchasing a standard size trolley.

UK furniture trolley suppliers are in touch with their customers and can respond to the challenge of a furniture manufacturer designing a new item not suitable for standard furniture trolleys. If like, Steely Products, the supplier is also the manufacture of the trolleys, they will have an engineer designer who will be able to look at the new product and design a bespoke furniture trolley that will easily and safely transport the new furniture design.

Sample furniture trolleys can be made for testing and final approval before the order of bespoke trolleys are fabricated and delivered.

Furniture trolleys suppliers provide affordable way to make manually moving furniture safe and efficient.

Posted by Derek
28th April 2019
Retail & Warehousing

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