What to expect from cut profile trolley manufacturers

Cut profiling is the process of taking metals like steel and aluminium, or plastic such as PVC, and making them into shapes that are used to manufacture goods. A cut profile trolley manufacturer supplies the storing and handling equipment for this.

Most cut profiles are long thin shaped strips. Window manufactures like Anglia, Everest and Velux use plastic cut profiles that form window frames. These need to be stored in equipment that can safely store profiles, and at the same time make each profile easy to assess. As window manufacturers have a large variety of sizes to cater to, their cut profiles also differ in size.

There are several types of models that cut profile trolleys manufacturers produce.

Medium duty horizontal cut profile trolleys

A medium duty horizontal cut profile trolley consists of around six vertical tubular steel lengths that have inclined arms. These are attached every few inches along the length of the vertical tubular steel. This is mounted on a wheeled support.

Cut profile trolleys can accommodate cut profiles of various lengths, about six levels high. They are a lightweight solution for storing and moving a medium number of profiles.

Pigeon hole trolley

The pigeon hole trolley has compartments to store and organise many different types of profiles and move them safely. The compartments are separated by wire mesh to make it easy to see all the profiles stored.

V-base cut profile trolleys

The V-shaped base of the V-base cut profile trolley is specially designed to securely hold angled profiles and move them around easily.

Bespoke cut profile trolleys

There are many types of cut profiles. Sometimes, a business uses profiles that are not suitable for the medium duty trolley, the pigeon hole one, or the V-base. In this case, a bespoke trolley is needed.

A good cut profile trolley manufacturer will have in house designers that can visit a workplace to assess the requirements for bespoke trolleys. They will come up with a design solution that will safely store and move specialised cut profiles.

Cut profile trolley manufacturers make trolleys in small batches using skilled metalworkers who shape, cut and weld tubular steel. This means that bespoke trolleys are not overly expensive and do not require costly moulds or tools.

If you handle lots of cut profiles, there is sure to be a standard or bespoke trolley to help you organise, store and move them.

Posted by Derek
29th March 2019

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