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Why you should choose an A frame trolley

The A frame trolley is the ideal solution for safely storing glass panes. Static A frames are suitable for storing glass, but can also be moved using forklifts. Mobile A frames have strong swivel casters to easily move and steer them, and are suitable for storing and moving metal sheets.

There are many reasons to choose A frames. We have listed some below:


The casters of the mobile A frame trolley are large enough to roll over debris. They are rated as suitable for carrying a heavy load of many glass panes. The casters that Steely Products uses have a track record of reliability, and are built last a long time.

Lesser quality trolleys may require the casters replacing after a period of heavy use.


The timber or carpet slats used on A frame trolleys need to be soft enough to not scratch the glass. They are firm but not slippery, are fixed securely and will not work loose. The slats are designed for heavy-duty work, so they won’t become worn and need replacing.

Tubular steel

Steely Products use tubular steel for its two main qualities – being lightweight and strong. The steel is coated with powder to prevent corrosion. A-frames, like all the material handling and storage equipment we make, are designed for heavy and prolonged use.

A frames are often used on construction sites and may be left overnight in wet cold weather. Therefore, an A frame is needed that can stand up to Britain’s harsh weather, like those made from tubular steel.


There is always a risk of injury when handling glass sheets. Protective workwear, including steel tip boots, gloves and hard hats, are sensible precautions to protect handlers from glass injuries.

Provided the load limit is not exceeded, storing and moving glass on A frames is safe and secure. When the glass has been correctly loaded onto a trolley, it won’t fall off. When moving mobile trolleys, care has to be taken to avoid collisions.

All personnel using A frame trolleys should be given training in glass safety procedures. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has guidance on the safe handling of safe glass. Steely Products’ A frame trolleys conform to the HSE guidelines on the correct angle to store glass sheets.

A or L frame?

Glass can be stored on either A or L-shaped frames. The advantage of A frames is that the glass is shared across two storage areas, making it easier and quicker to access the glass.

Steely Products also makes a trolley that stores glass on one side only. This has an inclined back with rubber strips to protect the glass and prevent slipping.


All our glass handling equipment can be modified for the individual requirements of the end-user. Our trolleys can be made in custom sizes or can have modifications made to the design.

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