Joules announces clothing take-back scheme

Clothing retailer Joules has announced the launch of the ‘Joules ReWear’ scheme to take back clothing purchased from it for resale.

Joules sells clothing from its many shops and also has a thriving online operation, including Friends of Joules, a section on its website where third-party sellers list their products. The heavy duty garment rails and shelving in Joules’ warehouses carry an extensive range of adult and children’s garments.

Joules will start reselling clothing later in 2022, but is already allowing customers to return their worn items in exchange for discounts on new purchases. Footwear, clothing and accessories are eligible for the scheme.

The retailer has partnered with Reskinned, which operates clothing take-back schemes. Reskinned take-back technology will be used on the Joules website to operate the scheme.

Returned items will either be resold or responsibly recycled. The Joules ReWear project is part of Joules’ commitment to sustainability by reducing waste and extending the life of garments.

In a statement, the Chief Executive of Joules, Mick Jones, said:

“As a business, we are wholeheartedly committed to minimising our impact on the environment and supporting positive change within our communities.”

Jones added that Joules clothing is high quality and durable. Joules expects that many items returned will be in good condition and suitable for resale.

Ruby Fowler, Joules’ Social Responsibility Manager, said that the clothing industry needs to be more circular and reduce waste. She added that Reskinned aligns with Joules’ commitment to more sustainable trading.

Posted by Derek
9th May 2022
Retail & Warehousing

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