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Logistics industry facing a digital revolution

According to some industry experts, the future of business will rely more and more on technology to operate, with some predicting that within five years, nearly all business activity will be managed digitally.

Future-proofing your business now could save you money and time in the long run, as technology becomes an ever increasing part of everyday life. Here are a few of the latest innovations that are becoming the norm in the logistics industry:

• Mobile technology is replacing fixed, data entry stations, giving workers access to warehouse systems instantly anywhere in the warehouse.

• Handheld tablets, with the same computing power of fixed terminals, and made to the same rugged standard as a military grade tablet, give workers the freedom to take their computing power with them.

• Mobile printers allow workers to print labels on the spot. All that’s needed is a good Wi-Fi network.

• Barcode scanners are key to running an efficient warehouse. From receiving, picking, sorting and packing, through to shipping, a mobile scanner is also invaluable when it comes to stock control.

• Dimensioning systems able to automatically measure and verify boxes and pallets are revolutionising this time-consuming task.

• A digital lean inventory system ensures you only stock what you need, eliminating waste and keeping track of incomings and outgoings for improved performance.

Digital technology seems set to become as much a part of a warehouses structure as sturdy packing benches and strong garment rails, delivering an improved efficiency that will benefit customers and businesses alike.

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