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Meeting the demand for online orders through heavy duty trolleys production

Many retailers are experiencing a slowdown in high street shop sales, but a boom in online orders. High street clothing chains such as Crew Clothing and Joules are changing their business models to meet the demand of growing e-commerce sales

There is a high demand for warehouse storage space to hold more stock and process orders. Some businesses can expand vertically with extra shelves or mezzanine floors. If there is room, warehouses can be extended sideways and new buildings are being constructed.

Online shoppers want goods delivered quickly, which has prompted many retailers to offer delivery within 24 hours. To cope with this time pressure, more pickers and packers are being hired, and they need equipment to use. Most small to medium operations rely on manual handling systems, pickers using heavy duty trolleys to carry items from shelves to packing stations. Heavy duty trolleys production is therefore on the rise.

British heavy duty trolley manufacturers are flexible enough to respond to increased demand. Trolleys can be fabricated in tubular steel and delivered in a short time period. Manufacturers can also make bespoke heavy duty trolleys to carry non-standard or oddly shaped items. For example, there are heavy duty trolleys especially for moving sofas safely.

The advantage of online shopping is that an online store can carry more lines than a retail store, which restricted by its size and its need to facilitate customer movement. An example of this is Crew Clothing, which carries more clothing items in its online warehouse than can fit on the garment rails and shelves of its stores. Next also operates this business model for its Home department, selling more household items online than they stock in their stores.

Heavy duty trolley production has been increased to meet the need for more warehouse equipment that efficiently processes online orders.

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