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Packaging solutions to stay within budget

Keeping within budget is one of the main headaches of most businesses, and warehouses, distribution centres and manufacturers are no exception. Controlling operating costs and departmental budgets can have a big impact on the bottom line. By addressing some of the problems head on you can minimise a budget over-run in areas such as the packing department.

The issue of waste
Ordering a standard size box may be less costly, but having to use a space-filler such as bubble wrap or polystyrene foam can mean the savings aren’t so great. Apart from the waste of materials, using standard sized boxes doesn’t make the most efficient use of warehouse and storage space. Innovations in packaging solutions now include an automated packaging process, creating on-demand boxes in any size and quantity.

Saving on space
Custom-made, on-demand packaging solutions allow for a greater use of warehouse space, freeing up extra storage for large customer orders and taking the pressure off ‘manufacture to order’ processes. Warehouse packing tables and sortation tables can be better arranged for efficient picking and packing, with high yield, fast moving products taking priority without taking up much needed storage space.

Environmental impact
Less waste means less impact on the environment, for example minimising landfill problems. Add to this the reduced carbon emission from shipping smaller boxes, and it is clear that the practical solutions of controlling budgets is not only good for profit margins but for the environment too. The innovations available today help businesses with profitability and also to become more sustainable.

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